We live in societies and among so many mainstream narratives that proclaim their arguments as valid. Yet, so many of those arguments derive from and are received by a population cognitively living in echo chambers. Therefore, those arguments many times lack the consistency testing needed for them to remain universally accepted. If they can’t be accepted universally, then they are not arguments, but rather subjective opinions and many times, double standards.

So, what is it we do?

We find and expose the inconsistencies of mainstream arguments by showing they are not universally applicable. We then publish our results across many channels, reaching as many people as possible, and holding opinion leaders accountable.

I hope you’ll join and support us in our quest to fight back against the inconsistent arguments and double standards being created by mainstream opinion leaders.

What can you do?

If you agree with our test results, please use, re-create, copy, and spread our information out to everyone, but specifically to the audiences caught in the reverberation of their echo chambers.

If you’d like to be a contributor of your own consistency tests, please and we’d love to post or link to your results.

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